Outstanding Senior Athlete Award

Each year LFHS Boosters recognizes four senior athletes with the Outstanding Senior Athlete Award. These students have demonstrated excellence through their performance, leadership, spirit and sportsmanship as an athlete at LFHS.  The award consists of four $1000 scholarships given to two outstanding female and two outstanding male athletes.  Award winners will also be prominently displayed on the “Images of Excellence Mural” and in the Boosters’ print ads.

To be eligible for this award, the athlete must:

  • be a student in good standing at LFHS
  • be eligible to graduate in 2018
  • have participated/is currently participating in a recognized LFHS sport at the varsity level for at least 2 years

 The 2016-2017 Boosters Outstanding Senior Athlete Award recipients:

  • Reed Thomas (Football)
  • Justin McMahon (Basketball)
  • Kevin Donahue (Swim)
  • Madeline Smith (Swim)
  • Haley Click (Track)

Click here for a list of past award recipients

*Applications will be available on the Boosters website the last week of February, 2018*


Athlete Application Instructions

  1. Review the Overview & Instructions.
  2. Complete the Outstanding Senior Athlete Award Student Application
  3. Athletes do NOT need to ask their coach for a recommendation.  The Boosters will contact the coach you designate on your application for the recommendation.

Athletes may be nominated for this award by the varsity coach for whom he/she played.

Coach Nomination Instructions

  1. Review the Overview & Instructions.
  2. Complete the Outstanding Senior Athlete Award Coach Recommendation Form
  3. Ask the Athlete you are nominating to complete the Outstanding Senior Athlete Award Student Application following the instructions above. 


Any questions, please contact Ellen Marwede at: e.marwede@att.net