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The following individuals, families and organizations have joined us in our commitment to athletic success, spirit and sportsmanship at LFHS. This list is current through July 2019.
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Gold Members
The Aberle Family

Rich and Kristy Adams

Elisa K. Allan

Steve & Tina Ballis

Holly Barigazzi-Boes

Kimberly K Carris

Frank and Lynn Casper

Cekay Family

Jack Connery

Jami & Kevin Considine

Graham & Beth Cook

Brian & Amy Cote

Heather Crain and Family

Anne and Karl Dahlgren

Paul and Jill D'Alessandro

Monte and Jacqui Dillow

Sondra and Bill Douglass

Jennifer Durburg

Fisch Family

Anthony and Angela Fontana

The Fords

Forowycz Family

Joey and Heather Fowler

Frost Family
The Garrigan Family

David and Kathy Gherlein

Gildersleeve Family

Vikki & Michael Graham

Scott and Amy Gray

Elinor & Ross Jannotta

Chris Jasper

The Kuehnle Family

Allen & Beth Laufenberg

Rich Levin and Sally McDonald

McGowan Family

Jennifer & Cameron McKinney

Colette and Steve Mendelson

Dan & Susan Milanak

Mark Milliman

Carolyn and Simon Moore

The Morcott Family

Dianne Lynn Moriarty

The Katherine and James 

Murray Family

Nicole Nassar

Jeanna and John Park

Frank & Vicki Pasquesi

David and Jill Pearre
Mary and Mark Pierce

Camille Prindle

Elizabethand Shelby Pruett

Robb Family

The Rolander Family

The Salkin Family

Schabacker Family

The Schueneman Family

The Seaman Family

Jenna & Chris Stanley

Geoff & Katie Surkamer

Jim & Eileen Swartout

Leanne and Bruce Trela

Karen and Brian Uihlein

The Van Camp family

Colleen & Bob Vedra

Richard Volpe

Fred & Jacqueline Wacker

The Waggoner Family

Nalisa Ward

Diana Webb

Winebrenner Family

Desiree Witte

Mr and Mrs James D Young
Blue Members
Atendido Family

Steve and India Baughman

Kathy & Tracey Beck

The Bertram Family

Mary Bires

Ginny & Richard Blocki

Paul and Hollis Blume

Sheila Bondoc

Ginger & Brad Brown

Robert Brown

Michael and Libby Burger

Danielle and Nat Caputo

The Chamberlain Family

Chlystek Family

Mike and Karen Conley

Lydia Conopeotis

Anneliese and Bob Crawford

Michelle & Todd Curry

Jennifer and Rick Daniels

The Daum Family

Chrissy & Matt Davis

Davis Family

Deegan Family

Doheny Family

Nancy & George Drowne

Duggan Family

The Elliott Family

Kristen Esplin

Fiordaliso Family

Lesley and Chris Fisher

Tom and Maureen Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Flusser

Michael and Laura Flynn

John and Kristina Frede

The Galvin Family

Bill & Anne Marie Geary

Gescheidle Family

The Giangiorgi Family

Greg & Susie Gibson

Don and Michelle Glyman

Andrew & Rebecca Goodman

Pat and Meg Griffin

Heather & Roger Grum

Tom and Mary Guenther

Pride and Steve Haggerty

Tim and Mary Kay Hanlon

Kathleen and Richard Hanson

Tim & Alana Hender
Paul and Diana Hiam

Michael Higgins

Tom and Jennifer Horan

Kelly and John Huguenard

Hunt Family

Drs. Andrew and Cheryl Hunt

Tanya Huang and Daniel Jasica

Melinda & Jeff Kaplan

John Kaptrosky

Jayson and Wendy Kaus

Lynne and Jay Kennedy

Sophia Koliatsis

Stacey Kroner

Cindy and Jeff Kuchman

Tim and Monica Kutz

Dan & Janet Ladurini

Sarah and Sam Long

Wendy Lotts

George & Ann Lyon

John and Maria Malloy

Paul & Autumn Manelis

Matkov/Whisler Family

Paul Matuszewski

Patty McCarthy

Jennifer Meyer

Michael Family

Randy and Jill Mickey

Julia Jackoboice Miller

Mike and Becky Milliman

Troy Mills

Chris & Lisa Mitchell

David Mitchell

Craig and Kristyn Moore

The Moorhead Family

Bob and Megan Morris

David and Lisa Morrison

Michelle and Brad Newman

Eric & Jacquelyn Nowik

Judi Olenick

Dan O'Neil

The Ortell Family

The Pattie Family

Todd & Allyson Perry

Eileen & Jake Peters

Lauren and Jed Peters

Peterson-Ross Family

Pezza Family

Plante Family

Lisa Simone Porter

Laurence and Matthew Quall

Annemarie and Mark Ranallo

David and Mary Rauch
Christine and Michael Reinhardt

Cariann and Scott Rice

David & Melinda Rohrbach

Kate and Ron Rother

Christina Rourke

Amy and Jason Rubinstein

Bryan and Sandi Rupprecht

The Ryans

Stacy & Jim Salanty

Peter Sandor

Suzanne & Matt Sands

Ann Marie Scheidler

JV & Julie Schwan

Patrick and Kathy Shalala

Ryan and Amy Shoemaker

Steve & Sara Siegel

Marc & Debbie Silver

Ann Marie and Kingston Smith

Sommers Family


Katie Springer

Stacie and Steve Stark

Anne Stewart

Sandra Stitzlein

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Summerville

Steward and Dodie Swift

Dave and Esther Tegel

The Theodore Family

Michael and Suzanne Thomas

Lori & Dean Thuente

The Trager Family

John and Kathleen Trkla

Julie and Steve Valenti

Nina and Tom Vallone

Mia & Michael Waligora

David & Sara Walsh

Dan and Kate Walsh

Christiana Walsh

Michael and Shawn Ward

Wendy and Steve White

Daniel & Julie Wickman

Wiesner Family

Jim & Tina Young

Julie Martin & Dorian Yuen

Zaramella Family

Zarek Family

Martha Zeeman

Alex and Deann Zoghlin
Scout Members
Laura Adams

Teri & Allen Albus

The Andress Family

Colette Asmussen

Melinda Atchley

Annie Atzeff

Cynthia Avis

Rebecca Bailey

Dean Baldwin

Anna Belova

Benjakul family

Daniel Bernhart

Andrea and Paul Best

The Biancalana Family

Brian Biela

Carolyn S Bielski

Amy Birtman

Anne and Vince Boberski

Leslie Lord & Peter Borowski

Boveri Family

Monica Brown

Cardona Family

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carrabine

Kelly Clark

The Clarkson Family

Meredith and Eric Clawson

The Clifford Family

Jodi & Tim Cofer

Raj Conjeevaram & Family

Greg Cran

Laura Crifase

Beth Cummins

Paul & Wendy Darling

Raj & Michele Das

Marianne and Chris Delhey

Carolyn & Chris DeLuca

Lynne Diedrich

Meredith Drake

Leslie Armstrong

Brett & Renee Edwards

Arick Ellis

Katie Cronin Eveleigh

Foley Family

Julie Frentzas

Gambit Family

The Gaston Family

Dana Geldermann

Shawn Gilleran
Thor-Goldsberry Family

Susan Goodsir

Paul and Reenee Gotta

Nicole and Eric Graham

Sarah Gunderson

Bridget & Tom Halloran

The Harling Family

Hope and Kris Rosiak

Jason and Marcella Haubner

Jon Hirsch

Mr. Jack Hirschfield

David & Sheri Hone

The Huddlestun Family

Hvostik Family

The Alex P. James Family

Rebecca and Paul Jenrow

Joachim Family

Lath & Whitney Keller

Scott and Claudia Kimbrel

Kim and John Kipp

Stephanie & Eric Klein

Kovanda Family

Fred & Monica Kroeger

Monica Cardestam & Rudy 

The Landis Family

Dave & Emily Lane

Karen and Scott Lang

Amy & Mark Lawrence

Julia LeClercq

Jake and Kristen Lee

Susan & Brent Lewin

Randolph and Sharon Liebelt

Jan and Mike MacDougal

Margolis Family

Ann and Dan Marinac

Jose Luis Marquez

Sarah Marshall

Shawn Stavros

The Marzella Family

Jeff and Bethanne McFadden

The Medica Family

Carolyn Merfeld

Todd and Megan Michael

Christy and Jim Miks

Carolina and Carlos Minetti

Bill & Casey Mitchell

Tim Morris

Denise Murphy

Renee Nocella

Deborah North

Lisa Oberheide

Carla and Shekhar Ojha
Lisa Oldham

John & Elizabeth Olsen

Katie and Charlie O'Neil

Chuck & Julie Parsons

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parsons

Pasinato Family

John and Patti Pasquesi

Perkins Zinser Family

Beth and Craig Pierson

Jennifer Portalatin

Prom Family

Susan Rappin

Ms. Lori Redding

Eva Rice

Heather Richmond

Karen Ridgway

Kristen & Robert Roloson

Jill Rosa

Laura Rube

Kathleen and Bruce Rylance

Amy Schmitt

Rick Schneider

Tom and Patti Schweitzer

Dan and Jennifer Scroggins

Mari and Michael Simeck

Steve and Alyssa Sinclair

Betsy & Tod Skarecky

Susanne Slaughter

Keith and Camille Stohlgren

Mark and Andrea Taylor

Jonathan P Tomek

Laura and Jeff Torosian

Laurel and David Tustison

Peter and Marty Vander Velde

Susannevon Borcke

John and Niki Walsh

Kristen & Darren Weisberg

Scott and Laura Werner

Dawn Wheldon

Janet Kaluzny White

Ann and Mark Wildman

Keith and Katie Wilhelm

Williams Family

Nina Witmer

Chris & Sally Wood
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