and Team Money

Reimbursement and Team Money

Booster Volunteer Hours
Teams earn money by working the Booster Hours assigned through the Boosters. The formula for the number of hours each team is eligible to get paid is equal to the number of rostered players plus manager(s) plus up to two coaches x $15.00. If you attend the Parent Team Meeting you will receive $25 and if you submit your names, emails and phone for all Booster Hours prior to the deadline, you will receive an additional $25 bonus.
Example: If a team has 14 players and 2 coaches, the amount earned, provided all hours and bonus requirements are met, is (14 + 2) x $15.00 + $50 = $290
Senior Celebration
The Boosters will reimburse up to $7 per senior for flowers and $50 toward the expense of the cake and beverages for the Senior Celebration.
The Boosters will reimburse up to $25 per cake per team for the end of the season banquet.

In order to receive Booster Hours money and reimbursement for Senior Celebration and Banquet Cake complete the Booster Team Money Form below. Form can only be filled out once and only after ALL volunteer hours have been completed

For more information or questions contact Jennie Bodine at [email protected].

Boosters Team Money Request Form

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