Summer Camp

Summer Camp Grants

Boosters provides Summer Camp Grants to LFHS freshmen, sophomores and juniors in support of their participation in *LFHS summer athletic camps. Boosters will reimburse up to $150 and will not exceed the total cost of the camp.

*If an LFHS summer camp is not provided for your sport, an LFHS student athlete can request to be reimbursed for up to $150 for any sports camp directly related to a sport in which they participate in at LFHS.

In 2018-2019 we granted:
Would you like to apply for a Summer Camp Grant?
Please sign up for a 5 minute interview HERE (link available Spring of 2020) 

After you have completed the camp, please send a copy of your receipt to:

Alana Hender
295 Vine Ave.
Lake Forest, Illinois 

Or you may scan a copy of your receipt and email it to [email protected]
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