Team parents traditionally make photo buttons of each player on the team for the players’ parents to wear at events. Horizontal head and shoulders photos on 4 x 6 photo paper works best, computer or copy paper will NOT work. You will need two copies of each photo. Have the photos developed before you request a date.

The button machine and accompanying supplies can be checked out from Molly King (mollyking@me.com). Please give minimum 24 hours’ notice for your request and have your pictures ready before reserving the machine.

Once a date to use the machine is secured, the machine can be picked up at Molly King’s home, 1275 Edgewood, Lake Forest (just east of LFHS), and then must be returned 24-hours later. This is to ensure that all teams have access to the machine.

Direction and supplies are included with the button machine    


 The Boosters has Senior Banners which may be used as decorations on Senior Night.  Arrangements to use the banners are made with Molly King (Mollyking@me.com) – please reserve ahead of time and return immediately following.


Primarily for Senior Day celebrations – Susan Harmon – SHarmon@lfschools.net.