Boosters Membership

Help support every athlete, every team, every coach, and every Scouts fan!
LFHS Boosters’ membership is simple. Members donate at whatever level they want. Members have NO obligations other than providing a donation. Whether you are new to LFHS sports or have been a long time fan of the Scouts, we invite you to show your support by becoming a Member of Boosters and to enjoy our Member benefits. Through the contributions of its Members and the efforts of its numerous volunteers, Boosters sponsors a wide variety of activities designed to enhance the success of LFHS athletic teams and the experiences of all student athletes and Scouts fans.

Become a member now with benefits valid June 1, 2022 thru May 31, 2023.

Membership Benefits

The Membership Level you choose determines your benefits. 

There are 3 Membership Levels:

Blue Member

  • Family Pass for admission to all regular season LFHS athletic events

  • $10 Spirit Store Gift Certificate

  • All other benefits for Scout level

Gold Member

  • One Parking Pass for all home football games (limited to first 50 memberships)

  • A premium Booster themed gift

  • All other benefits for Blue and Scout levels

Scout Member

  • Booster car decal

  • Spirit Store coupon

  • Periodic e-newsletter

Become a Member Today

For more information contact Judi Olenick at [email protected] or Laura Jordan at [email protected]
  • $0.00
OR - if you prefer to join and pay by mail, follow these steps:
1. Download the Membership Form
2. Print and Complete the Membership Form
3. Make your check payable to “LFHS Boosters”
4. Mail your completed form and check to:

LFHS Boosters
c/o Debra Fisch
630 Meadowood Dr
Lake Forest, IL 60045
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